Mindfulness means being in the present – not looking in the past, not thinking of the future, but being, physically and psychologically, in the present and in the present only.

The world today is full of distractions. Who of us doesn’t compulsively check our smartphone for Messages, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp? These practices have become the “norm,” but are they good for us? In most cases, they aren’t. Our stress levels are higher than ever before and it’s become difficult to make real connections with other people.

Mindfulness on Photography

Photography is not just an “art”, it’s also a practice in mindfulness. Think about it, think about your time spent shooting.

Isn’t it true that when you head out with your camera, your senses are heightened? You are suddenly more aware of your surroundings – the light, the shadows, landscapes, the buildings, the faces.

You are in the present. Worries about the past and future melt away and you can experience life more fully, more vividly. You might even forget to check your smartphone for an hour or two.